Footlogics Wedges and Additions

Your Footlogics Orthotics prescription can be fine-tuned with orthotic wedges and additions. These devices are self-adhesive and quick and easy to apply, tailoring the orthotics to your patient's specific needs.

Rearfoot Varus Wedge

For patients with severe excess pronation and/or flat feet a rearfoot varus wedge can be applied to increase subtalar joint control. The Footlogics Rearfoot post has a 4 degree inclination and is made from extra firm density EVA for maximum effectiveness and long-term wear. The rearfoot wedge is self-adhesive and is placed over the entire heel area with the thicker side on the the medial side of the device.

Forefoot posting

An inverted (varus) orientation of the forefoot can be treated by using placing a wedge on the medial side of the orthotic under the first MTP joint.

In case of a Forefoot Valgus abnormality (i.e. the plantar plane of the forefoot is everted relative to the plantar plane of the rearfoot) a post can be placed on the lateral side of the orthotic. This will also encourage i
ncreased propulsion through the Hallux.

NOTE: Footlogics Rearfoot Varus wedges can also be used for forefoot posting, as shown on the right. Please use the small rearfoot wedges (size XS-M) for the larger sizes orthotics (L and XL). You may trim the wedges to size with regular scissors.

Heel Lift

Footlogics heel lifts help reduce the stress on the Achilles Tendon and relieve pain associated with Achilles Tendonitis and Sever’s Disease. They can also be used when a patient presents with a functional or structural short leg by lifting up the shorter leg. The heel lift should be placed under the under the orthotic, right to the back, as shown. Footlogics heel lifts are 8mm high and are made of extra firm E.V.A for long durability.

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